In attendance: Jay, Max, Cam, Net, Ben, Sophie, Lea (Skype)


Absent: Tom, Pedro

  1. JP retreat Update from Cam
    1. 48 people going
    2. house is booked
    3. budget is good
    4. drivers will get partial reimbursement
  2. Steinbach Scholar Update from Sophie
    1. working on nominations for a few more weeks
  3. Winter Meeting
    1. Feb or Mar, Max is in charge
    2. Tu/Th, bus will be delayed, there will be food
    3. Need to check schedules of APO+Ed Boyle
  4. Open House
    1. March 8-10
    2. Ben is in charge, lots of volunteers to help
  5. Student Center
    1. New carpet is in
    2. New couch to be delivered the week of Feb 9
    3. Reps have cleaned and sorted things
    4. New toaster soon (Cam)
  6. JP T-shirts
    1. Sophie is in charge
  7. Funding
    1. ODGE funds rolled over and new ones received
    2. Dept. social hours for Chem, Bio, AOPE being planned
    3. 1 funding application accepted
    4. new call for proposals (Max)
  8. Buffins bagel count will be adjusted so we don't have so many left over
  9. MIT JP group members will be updated (Ben)
    1. procedure will be emailed (Jay)
    2. keys must not leave the MIT-WHOI areas
    3. keys can be left in the apartment if necessary